Boys Should Be Boys

Boys Should Be Boys
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Reknown pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker presents a go-to guide for parents of boys today, from the innocent childhood years through the tumultuous teen years.

This book encourages parents to restore the delights of boyhood by enabling their sons to become the mature, confident, and thoughtful men of tomorrow. Parents are urged to accept that boys are inherently rambunctious, adventurous, and curious - and are taught how crucial these traits are in ensuring a relatively smooth rite of passage into manhood.

Boys today face a dangerous world - one attacking their morals, discipline, and even their masculinity. The author provides parents with useful tips on effectively communicating with their sons by helping them to first appreciate their sons for who they are as boys.

Author: Meg Meeker M.D. Publication Date: 05/2009. pp.287. Paperback.

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