Montooth 3: Red Cross of Gold

Montooth 3: Red Cross of Gold
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  • Item #: ISBN 9780989117104

#3 of 5 in the Award Winning Montooth Series!

The newest release in the multiple Award Winning Montooth quintet features Carty Andersson and the other teen members of The Crew — Blake, Hale, and Mack — finishing their senior year of high school and entering college.

It is the mid-1950s when The Crew welcomes in the rock ‘n’ roll era, watches as television replaces radio shows, and experiences an introduction of bikinis on American beaches.

Once at Purdue University, The Crew is swept into the bizarre and gruesome murder of a professor, and the group of friends is shocked to discover that Carty is the prime suspect — in large part because of her prowess with a bow and arrow. Carty’s cousin Grant joins The Crew to help prove her innocence.

Carty’s elementary school nemesis, Dolder, is back as well, ratcheting up his plans to make Carty’s life miserable while she deals with increasing police pressure.

Meanwhile in Cuba, the diabolical Cruz Cruz deepens his influence with Fidel and Raúl Castro. Carty’s close friend Elena is drawn to Cruz and enticed into the Cuban Revolution. Though Carty is focused on her engineering studies, Elena’s accounts of rebel adventures begin to influence Carty’s chosen career path.

Readers discover more about the ancestors of Sally Canfield — the former “witch” and title character from the first Montooth novel. Secrets are revealed regarding the origins and extent of the vast Canfield fortune, stemming from the era of the Knights Templar in the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

Sally introduces another of Robert Jay’s charming signature fables, this time about Montooth, the enormous alligator, encountering a war of the bees, bears, and ants in the Florida swamps.

Action and adventure abound in this third Montooth installment that presents a riveting story line combining history and mystery. Carty and The Crew learn valuable lessons in this next stage of their lives, discovering that the bonds of friendship can transcend both distance and ideology. The Crew also learns, however, that virtue may not always win out.

Author: Robert Jay. Publication Date: 11/2013. pp.512. Hardcover. Retail price: $21.99; sale price: $13.50.

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